College of Professional Education

Programs in the College of Professional Education (COPE) at 德克萨斯州的女人的 University have earned a reputation for producing extraordinary professionals who are leaders in their communities.

We are passionate about advancing quality in our schools, libraries 和 communities.


How do you want to make a difference?

Do you dream of being a teacher or administrator?

我们的 教师教育literacy 和 learning faculty share your passion. Whether you want to start your career in education, enhance your current teaching career or want to move into teaching from a different career, our programs prepare you to make an impact in the classroom 和 beyond. Check into programs that focus on early childhood in literacy 和 learning or programs in 教师教育 covering through sixth grade, the middle grades (4-8), or up through grade 12.

Want to work with children 和 families?

德克萨斯州的女人的 department of human development, family studies, 和 counseling provides programs aimed at strengthening families. Prepare to work as a counselor, 父母的教育工作者, child life specialist or marriage 和 family therapist; administer programs for infants/toddlers; or enter other fields aimed at enhancing the quality of life for individuals 和 families.

Is literacy your passion?

我们的部门 literacy 和 learning prepares leaders in literacy by providing study in literacy teaching 和 learning from preschool through adult years as well as programs focused on early childhood education. 我们的 阅读复苏 Training Center is one of only two in the U.S. that can train trainers for other universities, 和 is the only Descubriendo la Lectura training center in the world.

Want to share your quest for knowledge with others?

我们的 School of Library 和 Information Studies (SLIS) offers master’s degree 和 certification programs that prepare professionals to work in information environments including academic, 公共, medical or school libraries; corporate 和 other special libraries; government agencies; 和 more.

Support our faculty 和 students

我们的 students graduate 和 go on to fill vital roles in our communities. They are making an impact in your community. 我们的 faculty gives them the expertise they need. You can give them the support they need.

Please consider making a gift to support the students 和 faculty of the College of Professional Education. Be sure to choose the College of Professional Education Support Fund in the "Give to:" box.


认证s 和 memberships

COPE accreditations 和 memberships


Smiling students in a classroom

我们的 programs focus on the helping professions aimed at building better communities — one student, 一个人, 和 one family at a time. Through high-impact, h和s-on learning experiences, we create opportunities for you to thrive.


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