Drop or Withdraw from Classes

Dropping Classes

Financial aid eligibility is based on actual hours in which a student is enrolled during any term. If a student drops any class(es) before the official census date of the term (see the current Academic Calendar), financial aid eligibility may be reevaluated and awards revised. Dropping below the minimum required six semester credit hours before the census date of the term will result in the cancellation of all or part of a student's financial aid. Any award revision may result in a balance due to the university. 也, withdrawing or dropping below six semester credit hours may impact future financial aid eligibility (see Maintaining Eligibility). 学生 are strongly advised to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid prior to making decisions regarding withdrawing or dropping classes.

Withdrawing from 欧洲杯买球 / Failure to attend or participate in classes

学生 who pre-register and decide not to attend must cancel their financial aid award and pre-registration prior to the first day of class to avoid academic charges and penalties. The student must return any financial aid funds previously credited to their student account for that semester. Simply not attending class, or not paying for the registration, will not automatically cancel the classes as accepted financial aid can and will pay registration charges. 学生 who begin classes and later decide to cease attendance at Texas Woman's University prior to the end of the term, must contact the Office of Student Life to officially withdraw from all classes. Failure to officially drop or withdraw will result in grades of "F" for each class in which the student has pre-registered and never attended or stopped attending prior to the end of the semester. 学生 who fail to complete the official withdrawal process and receive grades of "F" in all classes for that semester will also have to repay part or all of the aid received for that semester. Additionally, any tuition, fees and room or board payments refunded by 欧洲杯买球 as a result of a student's withdrawal must be returned to the financial aid programs in accordance with Federal law.

Financial aid recipients who enroll and receive aid for a particular semester, then fail to complete more than 60% of that semester will have to repay part or all of the aid received for that semester. Up through the 60% point in each semester, a pro-rata schedule is used to determine the amount of aid to be repaid by a student who withdraws. No adjustments in financial aid are required for students who withdraw after the 60% point in a semester.

Refund Process


For information regarding repayments or revisions to financial aid awards due to dropping classes, withdrawing from the University, or receiving additional resources after a financial aid offer has been made by the University, contact the Financial Aid Office.

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