Holly Hansen-Thomas

Dr. Holly Hansen-Thomas, Vice Provost for Research, Innovation, and Corporate Engagement
(940) 898-3401 
Denton ACT 704


LeJuan Byford

Ms. LeJuan Byford, Research Compliance Coordinator
(940) 898-3376
Denton ACT 714

Operations Team

Tracy Lindsay

Sonia Jones, Director of Operations
(940) 898-3377 
Denton ACT 702

Rocio Gutierrez

Ms. Rocío Gutiérrez, Research Administration Specialist
(940) 898-3253
Denton ACT 712

Carolyn Hardin

Ms. Carolyn Hardin, Research Administration Specialist
(940) 898-3396 
Denton ACT 710

Amber Fenton

Amber Fenton, Internal Funding Operations Coordinator
(940) 898-3355 
Denton ACT 706

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Ms. Taylor Olivarez, Program Coordinator and Assistant to Vice Provost of Research, Innovation and Corporate Engagement
(940) 898-3375 
Denton ACT 701

Sandy Owens

Ms. Sandy Owens, Research Compliance Specialist (IRB and IACUC)
(940) 898-3378
Denton ACT 716

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Ms. Liliana Grosso Richins, Research Administration Associate
Houston Research Office
(713) 794-2475
Houston IHSH 10112

 Isaiah Walton

Mr. Isaiah Walton, Scientific Equipment Repair Technician
(940) 898-3381
Denton SRC G59 (SERS)

Special Projects

Photo of Tracy Lindsay

Ms. Tracy Lindsay, Special Projects Advisor
(940) 898-3384 
Denton ACT 706


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Ms. Zeynep (ZeZe) Demir, Manager of Data Systems for My1CV (Sedona)
(940) 898-3308 
Denton ACT 1307

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